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suddenly he sent my mother tooth in Vietnam

suddenly he sent my mother tooth in Vietnam,  neck pain Make instruments in the mouth to prevent tooth erosion, and / or correct bite defects Take medicine (relax muscles ..) Transfer of specialists (when combined with sleep disorders or mental disorders …https://midnightpapers.com/.) DENTAL FEED Human teeth are made of hard tissue (yeast, ivory, tooth root) that surrounds the marrow (including blood vessels and nerves). In it, ivory tissue with tubular structure, containing the nerve endings responsible for feeling for the teeth. Dewey sensitivity is defined as transient thrombosis that occurs on the anterior section of the aneurysm when extrinsic excitation, typified by heat, vapor, mechanical, permeate or chemical stimulation; And this pain does not belong to any other diseases or defects. Fracture is a phenomenon where the crown is divided into two or more small branches in the teeth or teeth.
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Four days ago I had a strong chin falling to the ground and now my teeth have a crack from the top down to the bottom of the tooth. The part cracked slightly. So you ask for a solution for your teeth do not doctor? I am very nervous and really do not want to be spit up when cracked. 
Teeth are the hardest tissues of the body. Although the teeth have good elasticity, it is easily cracked, even broken, when there is strong impact.
When a tooth is damaged, it cannot heal itself. Or no medication applied or oral medication to heal the teeth as other parts of the body hurt. In case of cracked teeth, fracture can only be treated directly on the teeth.
In your case, there may be three possibilities:   
Cracked teeth: If teeth are only slightly cracked, do not affect the texture of dental tissues, long-term durability of the teeth can be just as natural. Teeth will not heal but will not have any effect. Only thing, in this case, you need to be more careful in eating, avoiding eating bite hard foods.
Tooth only cracked teeth, there is a risk of fracture: the crown is the outgrowth of teeth that we usually see, different from the root part of the tooth under the gum and cavity. In case your teeth are intact, without any damage to the coronal part of the tooth – which can cause the tooth to break, you should cover it with porcelain teeth.
By this method, your cracked teeth will be less grinding. Often is grinding away the enamel layer. After that, crowns will be made to replace the enamel. Porcelain crowns will help restore both aesthetic function as well as chewing function.  
If both the crown and the tooth are damaged. Strong bumps can lead to damage to the bottom of the tooth or to the bone. In this case, it is necessary to rely on the x-ray image for diagnosis and appropriate treatment.
The worst case scenario is to remove the tooth if the root and tooth are damaged.
Please go directly to the clinic, we will examine and advise him more specific, more accurate. Examination and advice free of charge. 

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