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me to live my life as a fool teeth in Vietnam, Insomnia caused by stress, fatigue, red eyes and dark circles around the eyes, may reduce vision and other eye diseases. Stress stimulates the active glands to make the skin rough, fast aging, pimples, wrinkles. Back and neck disease: Adrenaline hormones make the muscles tight, the back and neck “stiff”, aching.  Oral: When the nervous system collapses, the activity of the immune system becomes less effective, so the inflammation of the mouth, tongue, gums and small spots appear, often called “heat. This is the type of the physical materials with the physical data and the colour like the real tooth, but can be unmounted option by the user. Dismount teeth can be specified for the whole function or for the odd specific nodes. This is an absolute function type in the undefined function type. Advantages of porcelain disassembly

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What is porcelain bridges?

Porcelain bridges are a technique used to replace lost teeth. This method works based on the principle of creating a bridge between dentures based on real teeth. The bridge is supported and attached to the adjacent natural teeth. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

The bridge consists of 2 crowns at the two ends of the missing teeth and dentures between the two crowns. These two crowns are mounted on the crown and the denture is called a bridge. To apply the porcelain bridges need to have at least two teeth next to the missing teeth to make the abutment and these two teeth must be strong enough to bridge well.

The procedure of replacing missing teeth with porcelain bridges

The procedure for replacing missing tooth bridges is as follows:

Step 1: Examining and consulting. Based on the results of general examination of the oral cavity, dental condition, benefit and health of the patient, the physician will evaluate the situation and advise the patient of the information and plan of restoration.

Step 2: Make a sign and make a bridge. The doctor will measure the teeth in accordance with the jaw, the size of the gap on the teeth and transfer Labo analysis to make the sample bridge compatible.

Step 3: Grind the crown. The doctor will perform a local anesthetic to grind the crown next to the missing tooth into a pulp to make the abutment and store the upper part. After sharpening, patients will be placed temporary bridge to ensure aesthetic and patients can get used to the bridge.

Step 4: Fix a permanent bridge and schedule a follow-up visit. The bridge will be tested by the doctor to check for fit and correct if warped. The bridges are then fixed to the dental crowns with dental cement, filling the missing teeth. When the bridge is completed, the patient will be scheduled to follow up with the doctor. vietnam dentist prices

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