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come home and take her teeth in Vietnam?

come home and take her teeth in Vietnam?  ,quickly dry. Place the brush in a cool place, avoiding contact with another person’s toothbrush. Before taking the toothpaste, rinse the brush with water for at least 1-2 minutes. Can dip toothbrush in boiling water. Although this method will weaken the bristles, it is effective in killing millions of bacteria that stick in the brush. Apply this method once a week to minimize damage to the brushes while still ensuring safety. Do not use floss. With a solution like cheek, it can be effectively used with a small amount to avoid dental complications due to the increase of the medication before the injection, so that the tooth can be pulled loose due to a lot of numbness. Applicable in cases of dental tooth removal or not of each type of cell associated with periodontal fibers. To kill these types of plaque, the experts recommend brushing teeth every 2-3 minutes. If brushing too fast, the plaque still, cannot clean the teeth.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Goodbye infected color mystery within hours teeth

In addition, some cases of color contamination from internal causes such as tetracycline antibiotic, or fluoride-contaminated tooth, produce a “tragedy” when the tooth has ” Dark brown instead of aesthetically pleasing white. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

So in case of tooth infection, which solution is effective for you? Depending on the cause and the extent to which you can choose the best method to improve your dental condition, give yourself a smile:

Tooth whitening this is a method of removing dark spots on the teeth by shaving and polishing teeth.

Teeth whitening this is a method of using teeth whitening or toothpaste, gum bleach to brighten teeth. This method can be performed by a dentist or under the supervision of a doctor. (Especially avoid self-medication, because it can cause inflammation, gingival incision due to improper operation …)

– Ceramic dental restorations: In case the above two methods are not effective due to teeth color too heavy or due to the internal causes of dental porcelain restorations is the best option. This method is effective and has high durability. To cover the teeth, the dentist will grind a piece of real teeth to create enough space for the porcelain coating to cover the teeth. The dental crown is attached to the grinding teeth after the test and the bite adjustment.

For porcelain dental restorations, there are two forms for you to choose from:

– Veneer porcelain paste, this is a cosmetic prosthetic restoration technology is quite popular in the US and Europe, dentists need only sharpen the outside of the real teeth, then use paste technology to paste porcelain veneer on the outside. of teeth, to improve aesthetics. The advantage of the veneer is that it is less brittle, but it is less susceptible to breakage than the porcelain crown, so care should be taken when chewing, limiting some joints bite convenient. vietnam dentist prices

– Dental crowns, porcelain bridges, full porcelain restoration covers all facets including monolithic casting Emax cadcam; inceram cadcam; Empress cadcam, Lava or porcelain on zirconium ribs. All porcelain teeth need to sharpen teeth a little more veneer but high retention, good color is not broken when the bite disadvantage, long-term use.

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