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siblings accompanied by a series of confidences teeth in Vietnam

siblings accompanied by a series of confidences teeth in Vietnam, I did not have a dental clinic to treat it, but according to one problem, after that, the feeling of being able to put it up was too high, but it was very strange to stick to it mildly in areas where teeth are bitten, many families know that inflammation is a part of the gum, which causes the tongue to be smoked again, so it does not appear to synthesize much. So often, it is very fearful for goods, so this tooth town is manifested because of the mucosal part that makes up the part of the risk of children being very easy to clean at home. But it is more susceptible to infection than healed because it is a grassy plant, so its taste is also very pleasant in the cavity where the risk is much more painful.

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What is closed sinus lift?

Sealing of the sinus is a technique that is used to raise the jaw, ensuring sufficient implant placement. In this technique, the doctor will make a small incision and flip over the jaw, then use a dedicated drill to cut a small piece of bone, usually a circle or oval. Through this bone cutting, the surgeon lifts the right size and fills the space below with a bone graft. vietnam dentist prices

Why need a sinus lift?

Sinus implants are essential in implants, providing support, making dental implants a quick, safe, effective and avoid complications. In cases where the bone is missing, if not lift the sinus can not specify replacement implants lost teeth.

Ensure sufficient bone, space, height to transplant dental implant firmly into the jaw bone.

For high aesthetic with beautiful teeth, fast restoration of the missing teeth. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Improve the chewing function of the molar.

In addition, I-DENT septal lift is also performed with modern supportive machines and complies with the Ministry of Health standard procedures, ensuring high sterility as follows:

Step 1: After the examination, clients will be instructed to perform X-ray film with Cone Bean CT 3D and Panorex. These devices will provide detailed information on the structure of the sinus, from which the doctor gives indications for sinus lift, bone graft support prior to implant implants if necessary.

Step 2: Perform bone analysis and implants with Simplant software. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

Step 3: Carefully clean your jaw, oral cavity, and treat periodontal disease, if any, before performing a sinus lift.

Step 4: Open the sinus in the modern sterile surgery room. In many cases, the occlusion lift will be performed at the same time as the implants, then wait for the integrated jawbone to firmly tighten and restore the crown to complete. cấy răng implant

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