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because people who want to go through teeth dental implant

because people who want to go through teeth dental implant, plastic in cigarette smoke oral hygiene is also very important, you need to clean the dirt will also help keep the color of porcelain teeth always fresh.Secondly, the phenomenon of porcelain teeth is discolored or gingival black, is understood to be related to the material of porcelain teeth. It is possible that initially, the quality of dental porcelain and tooth-forming techniques will not meet the international standards, so after a period of use, plus

reatment plan, with enough time to clean up the area to be implanted, will yield a very good result.The level of swelling and pain of implant depends mainly on 2 factors:The complexity of the dental implant area Implant: If Implant is placed in an area with a lot of bone, or simply thought of as an “easy zone”, the level of pain is less in the “difficult area”.Early implant placement after loss dentist prices

of teeth is less painful, due to bone abundance. The wound should be completely healed, no infection, the implant will be less painful, and the prognosis is likely to be high.Those with large jaw bone size, the Implant is less painful. Because the size of Implant is unchanged, people with large jaw bone will have more bone, Implant is better “bone-enclosed” so less pain and better prognosis.Complex dental implants

implant cases, bone grafting, sinus augmentation, osteoporosis, etc. More complicated surgery, more painful swelling and lower prognosis, higher risk.The highest and most common risk is that the Implant is loose, does not integrate bone and will be eliminated by the body. The rate is about 5% reported in the world. Actual ratio is about 2%. The cause of Implant rejection may come from many factors: trồng răng implant không đau

The placement of Implant is not favorable: the bone covered too little will make Implant difficult to integrate bone, loose, easily exposed Implant after healing.Because the implant area is infected, the mechanism of inflammation and the immune system of the body does not accept, self-implantation.Implant in the sinus function: due to too little bone around the sinus, when the Implant is loose, it can giá implant

fall into the sinus cavity causing infection. At this time, hospital intervention is needed.Implant invasion, compression of lower jaw nerves, anesthesia, lip, cheek, tongue. Sometimes the path of the nerves is complicated, or there are many cho thuê cổ trang


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